Miles Amorelli Design UrnD Elegance

About Miles

Miles Amorelli was a born artist.  Throughout his youth his mother kept him busy with 'artistic stuff'.  He had a passion for drawing and painting.  It was at a young age that Miles' art work started winning him awards.

     It was the next few years however, that would sculpt him into who he is today.  He skipped high school and attempted to make a living through different paths.  "I was pretty much a bum."  "I was dying, I was doing the wrong things."  It was then that he realized he had nothing to lose because he had nothing.  Miles started working with and for family at a manufacturing company.  Over time he started seeing objects like pipe as art work.  He would spend his lunch breaks welding things.  It wasn't long until he had a collection of items that people were showing interest in.  Before he knew it his items were in a local studio, he had a shop and a business: Miles Amorelli Design.

     Over the past 12 years Miles has developed a love for creating unique, fun items out of recycled metals.  "Working with recycled material is more gratifying than new!"  He could not be where he is today without the help of family and friends.  "It's wonderful and it's other people that is the reason I am here."